Magnetizing Yoke
Magnetic field analysis

We believe there is no other magnetizing yoke manufacturer except us who has
""Magnetic yoke design know-how""
""Basic knowledge of magnets""
""Magnet application knowledge""
""Ability to design using magnetic field analysis by FEM""

Magnetizing Yoke/Magnetic field analysis
  • Feature

    Magnetizing Yoke Characteristic

    It is possible to simulate the characteristics visually in advance by (JMAG) software.

  • Developed types

    Multiple magnetization at one time

    Sine wave magnetization, skew magnetization, etc.

    Magnetization in the same yoke of main magnet and FG magnet

    Magnetizing yoke with temperature sensor inside.

    [Delivered record]

    Nidec Corporation and group companies, MinebeaMitsumi Co., Ltd., Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd., Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd., Canon Group companies, Daido Electronics Co., Ltd., and other motor and magnet manufacturers including overseas with more than 1,500 types.

  • Production example 01

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 01

  • Production example 02

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 02

    Single pole magnetization on the inner and outer circumference
    inserted into the magnetizing yoke with the magnet in the slide plate, with water cooling, with a magnetizing error prevention device

  • Production example 03

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 03

    Single pole magnetism on the inner and outer circumferences
    5 magnets can be magnetized at the same time, magnet on the
    slide plate Inserted into the magnetizing yoke with it inserted,
    with water cooling, with a magnetizing error prevention device

  • Production example 04

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 04

    12 poles magnetization on Φ17, ID with sine wave 3 magnets
    at the same time, water cooling structure and thermocouple
    sensor inside.

  • Production example 05

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 05

    90 poles magnetization to axial direction onΦ50 OD magnet.

  • Production example 06

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 06

    4-pole magnetization to axial direction on both ends of
    Φ4.2 OD magnet

  • Production example 07

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 07

    10-pole skew magnetization on Φ3 ID with water cooling system,
    The phase of upper and lower part is adjustable,
    The magnet can be taken out by lifting the lower plate.

  • Production example 08

    Magnetizing Yoke Production example 08

    10-pole magnetization on OD1.62, 2 magnets at the same time.

  • Other examples

    Other Magnetizing Yoke

『Magnetizing Yoke/Magnetic field analysis』
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