Ultra Multipole Brushless DC Motor(Outer Rotor Type) UM-9422

Low cogging torque for direct drive suitable to
move robots quickly for lightweight and thin motor.
Large space inside the motor is easy to integrate
other devices like driver, planetary gear, brake,
encoder, etc.

Ultra Multipole Brushless DC Motor(Outer Rotor Type) UM-9422
  • Characteristic diagram

    UM-9422 特性図

  • Basic characteristics

    24 V
    No-load speed
    1098 r/min
    No-load current
    1.12 A
    Starting torque
    2.66 N・m
    Starting current
    15.15 A
    Maximum output
    76 W
    Maximum efficiency
    52 %
    230 g
    Magnetic poles
    118 Pole
  • Outline drawing

    UM-8045 外形図

    ・Motor driver required.

    ・5V power supply for Hall IC signal output required.

『Ultra Multipole Brushless DC Motor(Outer Rotor Type) UM-9422』
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