Business Introduction


Our company policy
that has not changed since the establishment

Our company policy<br>that has not changed since the establishment

Create something new which has not existed before

Pursuing originality, we are constantly developing with the aim of creating new products in the best possible way. In order to realize this, we will design by making full use of advanced technology such as magnetic field analysis by FEM as well as utilizing the experience, technology and knowledge cultivated so far.
Our development technology incorporates shapes with a wealth of new ideas what is considered difficult.

Manufacturing and sales

We have optimal manufacturing
and sales routes
cultivated through 34 years of design,
manufacturing and sales

Manufacturing and Sales

Manufacturing and sales of Tokyo Motoronics

Tokyo Motoronics designs everything from magnetizers to motors based on our own magnetic field analysis
and experience.
Based on that experience, we will listen to the needs of our customers, examine the technology so that it will
be optimal at the manufacturing site and application, and manufacture the products with a new design even
for one unit.
In production, we put the environment and quality first, and promote careful manufacturing.
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At Tokyo Motoronics, we are able to provide optimal proposals and products for the issues faced by our customers.