Slotless Brushless DC Motor

We have many size variations that can meet a wide
range of needs. We can provide high-quality, high-performance motors at low prices and short delivery times.
Also supports custom product from one unit

  • EC seriesstandard model

    EC series Standard model

    Wide variation of sizes

    Motor OD: 9 types from Φ12mm to 40mm

    Motor output: 3 to 150W

    Total number of models: 73 models by the combinations of motor OD, motor length, and winding specifications
    Nd-Fe-B magnets are used produce high output

  • ECD seriesDrive circuit built-in type

    ECD series With integrated Speed Controller

    The built-in circuit series also has a current limiting and overload protection circuit in the motor.

    High-performance BLDC drive circuit built-in type

    Motor OD: 5 types from Φ22mm to 36mm

    Motor output: 9-24W

    Total number of models: 19 models

  • ECH seriesHigh speed type up to 60000 rpm

    ECH series High speed motor

    Motor OD: Φ16mm and Φ20mm

    Motor output: 19-73W

    Total number of models: 20 models

  • ECG seriesMotor with gearhead

    ECG series Gear motor

    Wide range of size variations

    Motor OD: 7 types from Φ12mm to 40mm

    Motor output: –

    Total number of models: 4203 models by the combination of motor and each gear head types.

  • Drive circuit

    Motor control

    Features: Wide operating voltage of 6 to 48 VDC, highly reliable,
    cost competitive, customizable

  • Encoder


    Magnetic encoder, high position accuracy, high repeatability and
    signal resolution, Customization is possible.

『Slotless Brushless DC Motor』
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