Various magnets

We will recommend the most suitable magnet to meet customer's requirement from various magnets by leveraging our own experience in motor production.

Various magnets
  • Our strength

    Our strength

    We sell high quality and low price magnets by making full use of our domestic and overseas networks.

  • Type of Magnets

    Bonded NdFeB

    Sintered NdFeB

    Radially oriented, anisotropic Nd-Fe-B

    Polar anisotropic


    Samarium cobalt

    Rubber (NdFeB, Ferrite,SmFeN)

    We can also provide other type of magnet, so please feel free to
    contact us.

  • Production example 01

    magnet Production example 01

  • Production example 02

    magnet Production example 02

『Various magnets』
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